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Strength of Composite Aircraft Structures


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Introduction to strength analysis of basic elements of composite aeronautical structure in order to be able to size the typical structural elements of an aircraft



  • Elasticity and stiffness matrices. Basic constitutive equations of layered materials. A, B, D matrices.
  • Thermal and moisture induced stresses.
  • Bending of thin plates under continuous loading. Long plates.
  • Buckling of rectangular plates with material symmetry.
  • Plates with circular and elliptical openings.
  • Sandwich plates. Basic equations. Boundary conditions. Elasticity matrix.
  • Bending of rectangular sandwich plates. Long plates. Influence of material model and layering setup.
  • Buckling of rectangular sandwich plates. Wrinkling of face layers.
  • Beams. Basic equations. Boundary conditions. Elasticity matrix and equivalent stiffness.
  • Axial loading and bending of beams with rectangular cross section.
  • Bending of thin-walled beams.
  • Torsion of thin-walled beams.
  • Axisymmetrical loading of shells of revolution. Membrane stresses.
  • Buckling of shells.


Teaching material:

As provided to students during lectures


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