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Airplane Structures, part I


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To familiarize students with design and basic methods applied in the sizing of aircraft structural elements.



  • Types of airplanes. Basic aircraft systems. Concepts of lift surfaces, tail surfaces, propulsion systems and landing gear.
  • Basic structural elements of a wing. Concepts and structural solutions of wing structures. Influence of wing design on basic flying characteristics.
  • Design and sizing of thin walled beams (main spar).
  • Design and sizing of thin walled structural elements (wing sections).
  • Design and sizing of compressive loaded thin walled panels. Critical stress of wing structure – local and global buckling.
  • Design and sizing of stressed skin wing.
  • Peculiarities of swept and delta wing. Concepts and design.
  • Design, sizing and evaluation of cut-outs. Sizing of reinforced cut-outs. Design and sizing of spars with cut outs.
  • Basic fuselage structural elements. Concepts and design solutions. Monocoque and semimonocoque design. Truss design.
  • Design and sizing of cylindrical fuselage.
  • Design and sizing of wing-fuselage joint.
  • Integration of propulsion in the aircraft structure. Design of intakes.
  • Empennage – concepts and design solutions.
  • Basic structural element of the cockpit and cargo area. Concepts and design solutions. Design elements of fighter airplane cockpit.
  • Zoning. FAR 23 elements pertinent to the aircraft design.
  • Specifics of composite aeronautical structures. Examples of typical airplane structures.


Teaching material:

As provided to students during lectures


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