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Introduction to design of composite aeronautical structures and specifics of their exploitation.



  • Historical overview of composite’s applications in aeronautical structures
  • Characteristics of composite materials. Choice of materials (fibre – matrix) depending on exploitation conditions.
  • Current status of application in civil and military designs. Characteristic composite components. Basic characteristics of fighter, airliner and general aviation composite design.
  • Helicopter composite components. Design of main rotor hub and propeller.
  • Design general guidelines. Design methodology – optimisation based on cost / performance criteria.
  • Static strength and stress concentration factors. Through-thickness strength.
  • Joints and joining of dissimilar materials.
  • Impact energy and impact damage. Bird strike. Structural improvements for damage tolerance. Residual strength. Crash resistance considerations. Lightning strike protection.
  • Structural behaviour in the environment of increased temperature and moisture.
  • Certification requirements. Structural testing at different levels - coupons, elements, components, full scale structure.
  • Sandwich structures. Design and specifics.
  • Composites design in aerospace and rocket structures. Design for extreme heat loading.
  • Defects in structures. Damage classifications. Composite structures repairs. Bolted patches. Bonded repairs.
  • Innovative design concepts and new applications technologies.


Teaching material:

As provided to students during lectures


Additional References:

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